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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the globally most popular English language proficiency evaluation test. The main intention is to review the ability of spoken and written English. Recognised by more than 10,000 institutions across 140 countries in the world, IELTS beholds a paramount value on the international level. Further, this test is specifically designed to be applicable in various aspects like study, work, migration and basically, live in the foreign country. Additionally, the entire content of IELTS has been developed by the prominent team of global experts to ensure a neutral platform for thousands of candidates and avoid any malpractice. Annually, over 2 million people appear for IELTS at different part of the year.

IELTS examination is taken to assess four language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Among these, listening, reading and writing are held on the same day under 3 hours with no breaks in between. For the speaking test, it may or may not be on the same day with others. Each section of IELTS has a definite time proportion.

Basically, there are two types:

1. IELTS Academic Test: The students who wish to pursue their degree by enrolling in the universities are eligible to appear for this test.

2. IELTS General Test: The individuals planning to settle in abroad with the purpose of immigration, collect work experience or training under any firm are eligible to appear for this test. No age restrictions are laid in this particular test.

There are FOUR sections in IELTS to deal with:

1. Listening: This module tests your listening ability through the pre-recorded listening tapes. Each tape is played once with the necessary pauses during which, the candidates are supposed to fill-in their answers. An approximately 30 seconds is allowed to go through the questions before the test commencement.

In total, 4 recordings are played:
Recording 1: A dialogue conversation between two individuals about the current social context.
Recording 2: A monologue or speech delivered by an individual about a social/general topic.
Recording 3: A group conversation among two to four individuals about the educational and training context.
Recording 4: A monologue or lecture delivered by an individual who heavily focus on the academic topic.

Allotted Time:

  1. For Paper-based IELTS Test: 30 minutes + 10 minutes (Answer Transfer Time)
  2. For Computer-based IELTS Test: 30 minutes + 2 minutes (Review Time)

2. Reading: This section evaluates your ability to skim and scan three reading passages. Moreover, how quickly can you grasp the main essence of the body in the stipulated time. Various pieces of information shall be given from the different sources, depending on the type of test you’re appearing for.

  1. Academic Test: Context of the passages include the extracts from the books, newspaper & magazine articles, blogs and journals.
  2. General Test: Context of the passages include the extracts from the advertisements, formal notices, newspapers, booklets and other generalised sources.

Allotted Time: 60 minutes for both, Paper-based Test as well as Computer-based Test.

3. Writing: With this section, your writing skills are examined on the basis of various aspects. Total two Tasks needs to be completed, first one being a letter or a report and the second one is an essay. Both of these tasks must be completed in 60 minutes.

Task 1:

Academic Test: Report Writing | General Test: Letter Writing
The candidates are provided with a table, graph, chart or any statistical representation, to which they are supposed to produce an overview, more like a summary. The written body must contain all the key highlights like numeral figures and procedural steps shown in the question, abiding by the stipulated word limit.
Allotted Time: 20 minutes
Word Limit: 150 words

Task 2:

Academic Test & General Test: Essay Writing
In the second part of writing section, the candidates are asked to pen an essay on the given problem question, which can range from an argument to a point of view. With this, the tone of the essay must be neutral and a stronger emphasis should be laid on the format of writing.
Allotted Time: 40 minutes
Word Limit: 250 words

Before appearing for the writing section, take an account of the following skillsets on which the examiners will assess you:

Expressing your ideas crisply
Effective usage of vocabulary
Presentable Format
Formulating grammatically correct sentences
Legible Handwriting

4. Speaking: In the contemporary world, an effectual verbal communication can take you long in the career, especially in the foreign country. This section will examine the spoken fluency and proficiency of the English language in the form of an interview. During the examination, the interaction shall be recorded. Additionally, the interview shall take place in three portions:

Duration: 13-15 minutes

Part 1: The examiner will start off with generic questions and ask about your family background, interests, history of work, study & courses and more.

Part 2: Next, the you will be asked to speak on a particular topic. It can be about a popular current world affair, social topic or technological advancement. To which, you will be given 1 minute to prepare and speak for at least 2 minutes about the given topic.

Part 3: In the final part, the examiner shall pose relevant questions about the topic given to you. This upholds an opportunity for you to debate briefly about the topic and express your language proficiency without any hindrance.

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